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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Fingers...Hands... Up to the Elbows....

I did a few more hands today.  Each hand starts out as a flat slab of poly clay.  I usually use Super Sculpy flesh tone, with a bit of this and that  added to make the color of the skin I want.

I just roll it out with the pasta machine and then form the arm around one of my handy, dandy, armatures.
I then cut three slits for the fingers and roll the fingers out and cut them off to the proper length.

This step takes some practice.  Once you get the hang of it, it goes pretty fast.

After that, I cut a length of a roll for the thumb and  add it to one side of the hand. Then I start smoothing everything.  When I get it the way I want it to look, I finish with an embroidery needle.

You can get perfect nails on the hands with the eye end of the needle.  Just pick a needle that looks to be the right size and press it into the end of each finger.

After you have them the way you want then, put the little stands in a pan and put that in the oven.

I turn it on to 275 degrees and let it heat up with the hands inside.  I let them bake about 15 minutes after that..  Take them out.  Let them cool. Put them on the doll of choice.

If there are any rough spots when you are finished, you can smooth the hands out with an emery board.  I usually cut the emery boards once lengthwise and once across.  That way you have four emery boards for the price of one and all of them will get into smaller spaces!  I do this for furniture making too.  Works like a charm.

That's all there is to it.

See you tomorrow.

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