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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Progress? Maybe?

Well, at least the table is cleaner than it was this morning... This is what it looked like when I got up...
I attempted making the wrought iron sign that hangs on the side of Amare's bed.

I still have to get it stuck together. If I can find the soldering iron, I will use that. If not, let's hope that my best jewelry glue will do.

Tessie found the room box this morning... I am having trouble getting her out of there...

I think that she has been up and down that ladder at least ten times in the last hour. 

She is back to wanting a room like this...

She found the bookcase and asked where that was going to go...

Now she wants one of those too...

I am going to quickly find something else to keep her busy.

Maybe I can talk her into finishing her Rya rug.

I did tell her that I was not going to do anything else until that was finished.  she seems to think that, if the rug disappears, she won't have to finish it... Nice try, Tessie.

It's not going to work.  I have too many things started and not enough finished.  I need to get to work on projects already started... Right after Christmas.  Remind me of that... Right after Christmas. 

Not today!

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
In her defense, I would also love to have a room like that. I really like the style of letters you made for the sign. It is beautiful.
Big hug

Caseymini said...

Giac, I can't take credit for the design. A friend of there's made it in wrought iron. I just copied it.