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Thursday, November 16, 2017

May the Force Be With Me!

Nobody else is!  I just found out that Zar is a Starwars fan and wants the box for himself...

I gathered together all of the stuff that I need this afternoon. 
Next, I found out that Spike was interested in the box too... He likes bunk beds... To be specific, he likes the top bunk... A better view of the world from there...

That's two... I already know that Tessie wants the bed... Maybe I can keep them all busy by letting them fight over the box.....
The real trouble started when I lost some of the pieces and had to go look for them...

When I came back, I found the real Star Wars fan using my material for a bed... I think that's a hint.

I may have to expel everyone from the room if I want to get anything accomplished.

Who knew that small dogs and big cats were Star War fans!?!

Anyway, now I can get to work... I flipped up one side of the new table.  I doubt that I will need to turn it and flip both sides for this, but it's nice to know that the space is there, if I need it.

Back to trying to move Kota from my fabric.

See you tomorrow.

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