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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

It Should Have Been Purple....

Today I had three friends come over to learn some purse making...

We started out with the simple ones... These are made of foam core cut to the right shape and covered with thin batting and then fabric and leather...

They can then be trimmed however you want to do it.
The second group were made with old fashioned cardboard Tam-Pax tubes. 

Those aren't made anymore. 

The one that I made today is the red one.
This is one of the more complicated ones.  the base for it is poster board.  Then it is covered with fabric and I left this one open to display leather gloves and a scarf..
Of course, Tessie showed up and claimed the new purse.  Then she had the nerve to complain that it should have been purple.

The red didn't match either her or Albert's clothes...

Now she thinks that I should make her a new apron and Albert a  new sweatshirt...

Not going to happen... She has plenty of red aprons and Albert doesn't carry a purse.

I am going back to doing other things and I am taking the purse with me.  I'll show her!

See you tomorrow.

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