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Saturday, November 18, 2017

I Got the Best of the Trade!

Tessie didn't use her head... So what else is new?

I started building furniture for the room box that I am working on today... I decided to start with the small bench that sits under the window in the room box.

I cheated and used pre carved corner posts.
They were perfect for the height, carving and look that I wanted.

I first put together the ends and let them  dry in the magnetic jig.  It took a couple of hours.
Then Zar turned the bench upside down and assembled the rest of it. We will let it dry overnight in this position.

We want it nice and strong.

In the morning, I will put a finish on it and then make a seat and cushion for it.

April and I both have real sized ones of this kind of bench.  Very handy to have on hand and they move around easily.

Zar seems to be working out well as a partner in crime.  He is pretty good at standing for hours and watching the glue dry.

I have never been very good at that. I always want to rush things.

Let's see if Tessie and Albert can do as well... They were still sitting on Albert's front porch the last time I looked...

One point for Zar and I.

Zero for Tessie and Albert! So there!

See you tomorrow.

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