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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Happy Sixth to Amare!!!

Amare was born six years ago today! He is one happy little boy and growing a mile a minute. 

They had a Birthday party in the park this afternoon and asked that people bring cat food and dog food in place of presents.

Some people did both.  We took all of the stuff back to their house and opened presents there. 

Amare made quite a haul! He got a lot of Star Wars things and some things dinosaur oriented.  He loves digging for fossils and the like.

This is him digging into the Star Wars Light Savers that we got for him.

I told Seth that they should keep him away from my blog for a while. 

Since I am working on his room in mini, I don't want him peeking.
This is kind of what his room box is going to look like. 

I am taking a few liberties with it.  He is going to have Star Wars Sheets and curtains.

I took a bunch more photos this afternoon so that it will be more accurate.  I doubt that he will mind if I put Star Wars Sheets and curtains in it, since that is his major interest right now...
I really do have to get to work on it now... I have the box pretty much finished.  Now all I have to do is furnish it and put a lot of details in it.

Come along for the ride.  This is going to be fun.

See you tomorrow.


anisnofla said...

Feliz cumpleaños para Amare.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to Amare and hello to April!

April said...

It was so fun celebrating Amare's birthday with you! Looking forward to seeing Amare's room box come together. Hi to Gayle!!!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
A great big birthday hug and best wishes for the little guy.
Big hug to you,