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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Curtain Call

The little people have been leaving me alone this morning. 

I have a LOT of pins that I am messing with and they know that is a sign to stay clear of the area...

I cut glued and pleated the curtains for the room box.  I am not happy with them yet.
I don't think that I got them stretched tight enough and they are not hanging straight.

I am going to go back and re-pin and spray them a third time. 

I have a feeling that someone is trying to keep me from finishing this room box by Christmas.  It seems like it is one step forward and two steps back... GRRRRR....

I have started messing with a pattern for a valance box for the top.  That will make it better at the top.

I am not happy with the curtains themselves though. 

I thought that I should write this before I started tearing my hair out by the handfuls...

I am getting more relaxed as I write.  Maybe after a good cup of coffee, I will try again.

Wish me luck.  Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


Gail said...

You could always just say that it's a boy's room and nothing is totally straight in a boy's room!

Cherry's Art said...

thanks so much . you are wonderful for sharing this stuff. I thought it would be easy...but have now realised some knowledge is needed. ta so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!