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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Working Wednesday!

I accomplished several things today... The room box now has two floor cushions to sit on when company comes.

These were done with some 3/4" thick foam and a bit of thin quilt batting. 

Basically, I cut a rectangle of the foam the size that I wanted the seats. 
I then put a bit of thin quilt batting on the top and spread the fabric that I wanted on top. I cut it about 3/4" bigger all around. I glued the sides to the foam.

Then I cut a strip of index card the same width as the height of the foam. I bent it around the foam and cut it with an overlap in the back.  I covered the front of that with a long strip of fabric and wrapped about a quarter of an inch to the back and glued that down all around.

I still have to find some #5 Pearl cotton to use as cording along the top edge.

We were at Witch Barb's house today.  She contributed this fabric to make curtains.  I was going to go out and start hunting fabric for the curtains.  I was afraid that it was going to be hard to find.  This is perfect.  Thanks Barb!!!!

Now I can just get up tomorrow and start pleating the curtains.  No hunting trip!

There are two people enjoying the room already.

I know just how to get them out of there.  I am going to threaten to make them go with the room when I give it to Amare... That is sure to stop them.  They know the lay of the land here.  Lots of shops and rooms to have fun in.  If they went with the box, this would be their whole world.

Not something that either of them would want.

I win again!

See you tomorrow.

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