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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Skinning Albert...

That is, I am trying to get Albert's skin color right...

I think that I am just about there.

He was darker than I would have thought.  Some of the colored photos that I found of him were much darker than I would have thought in the black and white ones.

Anyway, I have been jumping on and off of the pasta machine for the past hour.
 The color that I started with was the flesh color that you by in a large package. 

It was just about the color of the block on top... Just a hint of flesh color.

I added about one of those little blobs to a large piece of the flesh color... I may have to add just a touch more.

It is easy enough to do, but you don't want to add a big bunch all at once or you may get a terra cotta skin tone.  It doesn't take much to darken the flesh color.
This photo is more accurate than the photo above.  it is the same piece of clay with the same amount of color in it.

I am just about satisfied with it. 
I stopped at a garage sale on the way home from Walmart... What a deal!

I got the two large pots that I planted the geraniums in, in this photo.
And all of these and just a few more... $5.00.

I have been alternating planting and cranking the pasta machine.  Both are good exercise, but each has it's own set of muscles... I am going to be sore tomorrow.  Oh well, I can sit and sculpt Albert. 

It's a good excuse to do that and nothing else tomorrow.

See you then!

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