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Friday, October 20, 2017

Not Recognizable...

I sat down and did a few sketches of Albert this morning...

They aren't really recognizable as him.  They are to help me get the wrinkles and features right.

This first one just looks like a generic old man.
This one was him on a boat.  It gave me more information on the hair and where the shadows would fall.
I had one perfect photo of his profile... That was most important.  I want him to look like HIM.  Not some generic little old man that kind of looks like him.   

Tessie wandered in as I was doing this last one. 

She had the nerve to tell me that she wanted him when he was younger... Her explanation? 

"He got old.  I didn't. When he was in college, he was cute. Then he got old and I lost interest...All he wanted to do was study and NOT comb his hair anymore... He also took to wearing sandals all of the time. He hated shoes. He got to be a real hippy type." That was her explanation for wanting the younger version...

Sorry Tessie! You're getting the version that everyone recognizes!

Back to work.  See you tomorrow.

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