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Thursday, October 19, 2017

More Fun.. With Pizza!

I had three friends over today. Two Witches and a Witch's Sister...

I helped one with her hatmaking and the other two were here for other reasons. 

We  had fun and frozen pizza. 
 They didn't get into the workroom.  It is getting worse. I will have to do some cleaning before Walter finishes playing golf...

Oh well.  He never goes in there anyway... Maybe I will just keep messing it up until I get finished with Albert...
I think that I have enough photos of Albert saved.  I plan on starting the sculpting tomorrow.

I decided not to make the three year old.  Nobody would know who he was at that age.

I am going with the wild white hair version.

That's how most people recognize him. 

I have to go now and see if I have any white(or gray) hair. If I don't, that means a trip to search for hair tomorrow.

See you then.

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