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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Good Things...

But not Minis...

I bought a new purse for winter at Goodwill this morning... Very strange, but I like it.

The silly thing has two compartments on either end that look like frog mouths.

I brought it home and have been looking at B. Makowsky purses on the net... I never found this particular one, but most of his purses that are of this size and made of glove leather are about $285.00

Not bad for an eight dollar purchase.

It has an adjustable strap so that you can wear it cross body, if need be.

It's made of very soft glove leather.  On one side it has a special little pocket for keys... Mine don't fit. I will have to use it for something else. 

All of the buckles and rivets are brass. 

Can you tell that I am liking this purse a lot?  I am.

At the same Goodwill I got this Chinese jewelry rack.  At least that's what I am going to use it for.

With the little old lady discount that they have on Tuesday and Wednesday, it came into the picture for free.  That is, the discount on the two items paid for the wrack!  Good deal.

When I got home, Tessie and Kota had their heads together... Discussing what they were going to do to rid the table that Tessie wants, of the Forest Fantasy Cottage...

So far, they have not solved the problem. 

I may have to figure out something myself.  Tessie reallllly wants that table for her trailer...
I am beginning to wonder if it would make a good fairy cottage in the back yard...

I'm not quite that desperate yet, but I am starting to lean that way. 

Any suggestions?

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


anisnofla said...

Me parece una buena idea, una casa para las hadas.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I think it would be perfect as a fairy cottage. It certainly has the right feel for it.
Big hug

Katie said...

The fairy cottage is one of my favorites. I want one my size! Do you think Tessis could zap it to me in people size!