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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Plants, Beads, and Paints....

I have been covering the hummingbird feeders at night.  That keeps the bats and the bees away.

As soon as I uncover them in the morning, the feeding begins... Woody was first in line this morning. For some reason, the woodpeckers like the juice just as much as the hummers.  If they get there first, good luck to the hummingbirds...
I cleaned the window sill above the kitchen sink and repotted the plants there.  I found a couple of new ones at Civano Nursery this morning.  Now it looks more like a jungle there than it did before, but I like it.
I went away yesterday to make rings after I finished the blog.  I got sidetracked.  I wound up  doing peyote stitch for a watchband.  The two pieces at the left are off of the old watch at the right bottom of the photo. It has long since stopped working altogether.  I am thinking that I may be able to salvage them and put them on a different watch. I didn't think of that until I have already done a lot to the other watch in the photo.

I am liking the new band so far.

Meanwhile, Tessie dumped these two bottles of paint in my cart when we were in Walmart this morning... When I got home and was unpacking the groceries, I questioned her about how they got in the bag... She answered quite simply, "They just flew into the cart(with a little help from her I think).  And you paid for them with everything else.

Remind me to check my purse for hitchhiking witches next time I go.  She did not ask permission to go along!

Then she grabbed both bottles and said, "If we throw these two bottles into a jar and shake it a lot, WE will have PUCE!".  Here we go again.  I thought that I got rid of the puce when I painted over it in her old bedroom.  I guess not.  It's still her favorite color.  Who else would have the color of fleas as their favorite?

I am going back to the beadwork for today.  I will worry about puce tomorrow. See you then.

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