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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Getting Started...

Tessie is getting her way.....again. I am doing work on both boxes at once.

I will show you what is happening in Tessie's box, but the other one will have to wait until Christmas.

If I do both, you may have some idea of how I am using my time... Just look at what I do to Tessie's box and double it.

I have not done much on the rya since the last time you saw it...Another row and a part...

Tessie says that it will go well with Sautillo tile.  That is what the floors are going to be in both boxes.
I got the ceilings and floors painted in both boxes this morning.

If Tessie would just make up her mind on color, I would paint the walls.

The gift box will be a beige, with just a hint of mauve.
I spent the past couple of hours measuring and cutting 1" squares of theater trays.  This time I am using the smooth side to make the Sautillo tile.  It is what is in all of the old Spanish style houses in Tucson.  One foot square tile is what is in April's house.  It was built a long time ago.

Now all I have to do is paint it and install it.   Then the edges will be turned down with a ball stylus, after the painting. You will get to see the steps as I do them. back to the grindstone...

See you tomorrow.

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