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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Refining the Workroom...

It's amazing what a little Old English Lemon Oil will do!

The left of this bookcase is without and the right side is with. It really makes a difference!

This box is from back in the mid 80s.  I ran onto it today and decided that it needed to be where people could see it. 

I oiled the outside of the box and all of the exposed wood on the inside. It looks like new!

Of course, Tessie moved right in... There were two plates of cookies inside.  That's all it takes for her to move in...

I would probably be the same way if the cookies were my size.

The print in the center of the bookcase is a real etching.  I took a few classes in etching in college, so I know how much work that tiny print took to make. 

Some of my favorite pottery pieces are in here too.
Tessie found something else that I have had for a long time.  Some friends went over to Berlin a short time after the wall went down. 

The little rock that she is holding is a part of the wall!

Another thing that I like in the room is the Maltese Falcon next to her head.  It is cast bronze.  I went to a NAME convention in Anaheim, CA in the early eighties and a lot of the things in the room were from there.

A lot of the other things I made myself at that time.  I brought a lot of things back from that show.  It was fun.

Now I am trying to get things in the workroom so that I can do minis like I did back then.  I knew where everything for making them was and could put my hands on what I needed in a couple of minutes. Of course, back then I didn't have the pack rat system of keeping everything that I think I might need later.

 I am slowly but surely organizing things so that I can find them fast. 

I organized and tossed out paint this morning. Now all you have to do is shout out a color and I can find it in no time! 

I keep going in the workroom and sitting down just to enjoy the clean.  Why didn't I do this before? I am even leaving the door open during the day!

I am going back now and see what else I can straighten and clean... This mood may not last!

See you tomorrow.

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