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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

So Much for the Magic Door!

I went to Wednesday Witches this afternoon.  All I accomplished was a little bit of a watch band and I am tearing out the orange part.

So much for the watchband.
When I left for Witches, Tessie was about to try the Magic Door to get to the back yard.

I don't think that it worked very well...

When I got home, I started looking around for the door...

I looked and I looked....
I finally found it in the workroom closet... As high as Tessie could zap it.  She managed the bottom shelf of the top of the closet. 

She was sitting beneath it breathing hard and making all kinds of unkind remarks about it.

She explained that she got out to the back yard through it and a squirrel almost ate her for lunch! She had to run for her life and he was chasing her all the way back to the door.

She finally just forgot the door and zapped herself back in the house!

Make a note... I didn't know that she could zap from outside to in!  Now I know... I am going to
have to sit down and have a long talk with her about lizards and squirrels and the hazards of playing with them...

I do believe that the experience will keep her from going outside alone. The squirrels and even some of the lizards are larger than she is...  

The rest of the afternoon she has been in her potions room... I asked what she was working on... She answered, "I am making squirrel and lizard repellent.  I am going to wear it if I ever go out in the back yard again... Though it is NOT LIKELY!"

Well... Lesson learned!  Back to work,

See you tomorrow.

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