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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It's Not Snowing Here...

I was right!!! First of all, Tessie pulled the usual "Show me how to do that" thing... I knew that she would and I went along with it. I got it done in a lot shorter time than it would have taken her to do..

I did all of the sculpting of the rocks.
She started in with the old buttering up routine.  "Show me how to get the rocks just right. You do it so much better than I do." I played along and she followed me throughout the sculpting of the rocks.   I did some with her watching closely... But when I asked if she wanted to try it, she simply said, "Show me more!".  This is what it looked like when I started. 
 I did "More" until she told me to stop... That wasn't here.  It was after I had done the last edge of the last rock.  Then she said... "I think that I know what to do now... Then she proceeded to ask help with the painting... Again she told me how much better I am at painting than she is...
No.  I wasn't snowed.  I just wanted to get the whole thing done.  Then she wanted help with finding bushes for the front yard.  Well. That's what she calls it. 

Not much of a front yard. She then volunteered to show me how it works.  She went in the door and closed it... Yup. I could hear her on the other side... I didn't ask questions... I just waited.

Then I heard a call for help from the bathroom on the other side of the wall that she had the door sitting in front of. 

Yup.  She was in the other room.  About two feet higher than the door in question...

When I asked her what happened, she said, "I forgot that the door was facing a blank wall and I had to zap myself up to the towel bar to save myself!"

Sure she did.  It was either that or falling on her face... However, I do believe that I heard a Zap from behind the door.  She always makes a swishing sound when she zaps from one place to the next... I am not falling for the magic door routine. 

Please don't tell her that.  She is very proud of her magic door...

Back to the magic!  See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
As usual your stonework is lovely. Your secret is safe with me ;)
Big hug

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Love the stonework.

UplayOnline said...

As usual your stonework is lovely. Your secret is safe with me ;)

แตกใน xxx

Unknown said...

As usual your stonework is lovely. Your secret is safe with me ;)