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Monday, August 14, 2017

Notes From Tessie's Morning...

I had to go for my last checkup with the chemo doctor this morning.  I passed with flying colors!

While I was doing that, Tessie was making notes for what a well person should do in the next week or two...

She found one of my pocket sketch books.  She drew extremities. Then she made note about things that she didn't want to draw... Like hands holding a pen. Cupped hands.  Shoes on high heeled feet.
On the next page, she made a list of things that she and the gang need.  Badly... Well in her eyes they were extremely important.

The last three items are questionable... She made a list of new people that she wanted to invite into the miniature world...

Daisy would like either Doc Holiday or Bat Masterson... And Tessie?  She doesn't want much... She just wants Albert Einstein to come out of hiding!

She tells me that he isn't really deceased.  He is merely taking a long nap.  OK, Tessie, sure he is! 

On the third page, she requested, among other things, feet that she could wear high heels on!

She really wants these and this time she even drew a picture!  Those will last about ten minutes, if that long.

She requested hands for Zar that would say, "I give up!"

I have a feeling she is not going to let that one go.
Then she decided that she needs different  curtains and leaded windows in her Shed.

OK.  That's easy enough... but the type of curtains that she wants don't go with leaded windows. And she wants all new furniture. No more potions mixing station.

We will have more discussion on that one.
I went back to the first two pages in the book and saw that she crossed out both of the original She Sheds.  They are now a He Shed and a She Shed.

There is not a lot that she can do about that.

Zar is NOT giving back her first She Shed.  It is just about finished and it is all his!  Nothing girly about it.

I am going back to try to reason with her... I am going to need a lot of back up!

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I am so happy of the good news from the doctor...just make sure Tessie doesn't make you sick with her requests...though I must admit some are quite interesting.
Big hug

minwks said...

Hi Casey,
So nice to hear of your good report from the doctor. I am sure that news leaves you to look in new directions. No wonder Tessie is making lists. Enjoy the rest of the summer.
Regards Janine

elizabeth s said...

What a great relief for you and your family to have "passed with flying colors", I rejoice with you Casey, and I know that Tessie and Zar are too, because now they know that you'll be giving your full attention to all those sketches!

Caseymini said...

Thanks for the good wishes, one and all! Now all I have to do is ignore Tessie and do my own thing for a few days!