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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

He Shed, She Shed...Nobody Wins

This morning Tessie showed up with her arms full of aprons. Seventeen to be exact.  Counting the one that she was wearing, I thought my count was 19... However, upon counting, there were

One was missing.

While I was in the kitchen getting a coffee refill, she dragged all of the potion making paraphernalia out and tossed it on the bedroom floor in a pile.

As I entered, she announced that "we" were going to make the She Shed into an apron closet.

That is NOT what I did all of that work for.                         

I put a stop to that immediately.  I found the missing apron and I grabbed all of the aprons and replaced  them with the potion making paraphernalia in the She Shed.

She is not a happy camper.  I am holding fast to the potions room.

She can yell and scream all she wants.  For the time being, I am going on to other things.

Today, I am going to finish the She Shed and the He Shed. 

Then I am going on to other stuff that will be a lot more fun for ME!

I have very little left to do to either of them. It shouldn't take long.

Then I get to go back to playing with stuff that I want to do. 

I am trying to decide whom I am going to work on next.  There is a choice of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, Albert Einstein or Pablo Picasso... There are a few others, but these four are at the top of my list of people to annoy right now.

Back to the He/She  Sheds for the rest of the day.

See you tomorrow.

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Troy @ tulsatinystuff said...

Didn't realize that she had so many aprons!