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Sunday, August 13, 2017

None of It Is Right!!!

This morning I told Tessie that she was on her own.  I told her to go find some fabric that she wanted made into a new dress.

I wanted to clean the real life laundry closet without her help.  It worked.... Kind of...

I went to check on her progress every now and then. 

First she risked life and limb to scale the two towers of fabric that hang on the wall in the workroom.

There were a couple of "maybes" there.  None were in the for sure category.
Then she hit the fabric drawer in the living room. The stuff there is probably the oldest stuff I own.  Some dates back to the early eighties. 

The stores where I bought these fabrics no longer exist. 

Surprisingly, she liked a couple of those... Nothing that I really want to work with, but if that's what she wants, that's what she gets...

It doesn't pay to argue. 
Then she hit the closet in the computer room... I had to rescue her from there.  She got lost a couple of times and I heard her yelling for help.

I finally simply removed her and closed the closet doors. 

She forgot that she has the ability to zap them open... Thank goodness!
I then took her in and dropped her in the sewing chest where I am keeping her aprons now...

She peeked over the edge and saw a couple of pieces of fabric in the basket beneath the chest.

She finally agreed that I should finish cleaning the laundry closet today... If I get back to her new clothes tomorrow.

I am trying to think of something that needs doing tomorrow in the real world that will keep me from having to make another new dress...

Wish me luck! I am going to need it!

See you tomorrow.

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