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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Unsatisfactory On All Counts

 First of all, I shouldn't have messed with the chest! Tessie says that it gets in her way, because she's not used to it.

So.  I had to redo the top of the dress.

Then Zar came in and demanded that he should have new clothes too...

Get in line Zar!  There are a few other people that need to be dressed too.
 I found the other top that I made for the bolster on Zar's daybed, at Witches on Wednesday.  It has more tufting and I like it much better... Now the question is, do I rip the other one apart of do I do a second one and leave it in the room for him to put it where he wants it if he has guests.  I think that it the way to go.
Perhaps you noticed.  Tessie still has her old hair.  I am going to have to get on that today...

Right after making her a whole new outfit.  She positively hates this dress.  She complained that she will never get any work done, wearing this one... Work? What work?
I kind of liked the dress, but she definitely dislikes it a LOT.

So... I will be making her a more work like dress... That she can sit around all day and watch me work in.

Back to the drawing board.  I guess I should get started.

Right after I eat lunch.

See you tomorrow.

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