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Friday, August 4, 2017

Movers and Shakers...

The moving part is the conservatory. I have decided to make it an outdoor mini.  It will be under the back porch roof and treated kindly, so I imagine that it will be fine there.  It needs repainting since I took off the dragon... He was not going to survive either inside or out. 

Now I need to repaint it and start putting mini plants inside. 

Surprisingly, Tessie is not upset about the move.  She  says that she will get to spend more time in the backyard that way.

I have spent the past two hours putting tile on the roof of Zar's He Cave.

I am going kind of slow because each tile has to be trimmed and glued separately. 

Bah Humbug!
Zar is not much help. He can't manage people sized scissors. So he mostly watches and makes weird suggestions...

His last comment was... "Is there any of the Truffle left?" Then he wandered off towards the refrigerator...

Tessie was close behind...
Later, I looked in on her.  She has her chair from the potions room in her old house.  Her back is turned to the bedroom and she is mixing furiously... I don't want to know what she is stirring up this time...

It's probably some potion to make me work faster, or maybe something to get me back to working on her stuff. I don't want to know... It can't be anything good.

I should go back and do some more roof until I run out of edges.  I do wish that I hadn't thrown those out.  I know I am going to need more than what I have.

I wonder if there are any new movies out that we will want to see this week? I wonder if the movie people will look at me funny if I carry out a stack of 20 or so food trays? I guess I will have to stick to my usual two. Darn!

Back to the roof.

See you tomorrow.


elizabeth s said...

Hi Casey
If you go to the movies with your family and friends, then each can get two trays which would quickly get your tile supply back up
Or just wait until everyone has left the theater after the movie, and scoop up the trays which are left behind.

Caseymini said...

Elizabeth, I am a bit picky. I would rather not use "used" ones. Popcorn butter and soft drinks aren't good to glue and paint. I don't use the ones that I get. I simply pick them up, hold onto them through the movie and than carry them out.