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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Amare and Me

I had room cleaning help today.

April and Amare came over.  Amare volunteered to help with cleaning my workroom... On the condition that he took over where Tessie left off.

That is... He bargained with me over things that he would like to take home. He did pretty good!

I keep things that I think that he might like in the bottom third of my typesetter's drawer, that hangs outside the workshop door.

Take a look... Not one thing left in there.

He got some of my older plastic boxes that I use for storing small things.  He also got four of the brown boxes that you can see in the upper right corner of this photo...

We bargained over metal minis and other things that came to light in the search... He did pretty good and took a couple of big bags home.. April will now be the one that has to decide what to keep and what to throw away... Good luck April!

 I looked through all of the drawers in the closet and through the bookcase on the next wall.

A lot of things that I don't need anymore followed him home... Maybe I should say that he dragged them home.

Anyway, we both had a lot of fun looking and grabbing.

One thing that came to light was three more theater trays! I think that I have enough to finish this side of the roof!

We are planning to go to a movie Monday.  That will contribute a few more trays.  I can't wait to see how this roof turns out... So far, I am liking it a lot!

I am going back now and glue on more tiles.  It may not be done in a hurry, but it will get done and it will look like Spanish tile!

Back to cleaning. See you tomorrow.

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April said...

That was awesome and I hope you get another boat and train but I want a police car with a fire truck. Thank you and I'm welcome to come any time you want me to come with my Mom and Dad. We especially will bring you something to put on your little shelfie. Love, Amare.