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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Spanish Tile for Zar

You know how I love working with theater trays. It always irritated me that I couldn't use the edges for anything...

I win! I found a use for them with Zar's He Shed. 

He is going to have a Spanish Tile roof on his He Shed!

I used the flat part of the tray to cover the foam core. 

If I were doing real tile I would be doing the usual, one right side up and the next one up side down on the rows. 

With this, I am cheating.  I covered the roof with
 the flat stuff and then just started laying the tiles rounded side up.  I cut the tiles a little at a slant towards the top of the tiles, so that the top ones will fit nicely over the row below.  It seems to be working.
At least, since these are on Zar's shed, he is helping... Unlike some other people I know around here... She is just sitting in the Potions Shed whinging and whining.

We are ignoring her.  Let her whine. 

I am pretty sure that this is going to work. I can't believe how many edges I threw away... Now I am wishing I had them all.  I am happy with this so far.

I think that when it is painted, they will look like the real thing... We shall see.

I am going back to work now.

See you tomorrow. I don't know if the roof will be done.  It depends on how many theater trays I find in my stash... Wish me luck. 

If there aren't enough, that's an excuse to go see a movie! I win either way!

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Sheer, unadulterated genius!!!
Big hug

elizabeth s said...

I agree with Giac 100% Casey,
your Spanish tiles ARE "Unadulterated Genius!!!" ♡