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Friday, August 18, 2017

Going in Circles...

I decided to make a small throw rug out of the red rya.  I got almost half of it done yesterday. 

It will not go with what I am doing to Tessie's She Shed, but she is claiming it anyway and on top of that, she is claiming that she did the work on it!

I quit.  If she wants the rest done, let her do it!
I went next door to see what was happening at Zar's He Shed... Tessie dumped the leftover material in his shed.  She still has not collected her paraphernalia for potion mixing.  or the rest of her furnishings.  The pile just keeps getting higher...

I have been out all morning.  I stopped at one of the Dollar Tree stores.  See the bottle of Aliene's glue to the left of Zar's shed?  They have that size bottle for a dollar. It is a nice size to carry along if you are going somewhere that you need glue.  I bought two bottles.  I figure that I can buy one of the big bottles that I usually buy and refill them when they run out.
Back to Tessie. When I returned home, I went to put the glue bottles in the workroom...

Tessie had been there before me!  The room did NOT look like this when I left the house.  She has been at it again. 

Between putting things back where they don't belong and dragging things out to look for other things, she has gotten it right back where it was when I started cleaning...

I am going to spend the day fixing what she messed up.  I am going to have to forbid her from trespassing in that room when I am not here!  That's all there is to it.  I leave for a couple of hours and she spends the time looking for things in the Mom Store. I give up. 

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

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