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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Finishing the Rya...

I decided to make a small throw rug, instead of pillows. I made it as big as I could on the canvas that I started it on. Now to finish it.

This is how you go about it. 

First I trimmed the edges three rows from the rug all the way around.

Then I cut a diagonal on all four corners.

I intentionally left the last two threads in all of the corners.  To be trimmed after putting on
the glue and the clips.

I put the glue on the unfinished edges of the rug.  NOT on the rug itself.  That way, it will not gum up the nap on the rug.

Then I turned under all of the edges, long sides first, then the short, and clipped them with hair clips. 

I haven't seen the clips in the hair care section of Walmart in a long time.  The other day I did find them in the jewelry section.  People are
decorating them to wear in their hair. 

Just in case you go to look for them, try the jewelry making section if they can't be found in the hair care section.

Anyway, after the rug is dry, take them off and turn the rug right side up and use your toothbrush to brush the edges outward.

If you turn it back over, you will see that it sticks out on all four sides.

Of course, after all that work, guess who has the rug?...

Yup. It's in front of Tessie's She Shed.  Nope. It doesn't match, but that's not what matters...

What matters is that "Possession is nine points of the law."... Anyway, that's Tessie's story and she's sticking with it.

See you tomorrow.


Wendy Luane Barber said...

I love this little rug. And this will be something to try out in the fall. Thank you so much for the directions too. You are amazing.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
thank you again for your great tutorials. This rug is just wonderful!
Big hug