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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Rya Rug and Back to the Conservatory...

We got a new cat bed for Kota a few days ago... He was not adapting to it... The weather is too hot. 

This morning I washed the sheets and while that was going on, I put the bed on our bed and threw his favorite throw over it... That did the trick.  He has been in it all afternoon.

He kept me company whilst I worked on the Rya Rug. 

 It is coming along nicely.  I am up to the part where the other end design starts.  I am already on the third row or that.

I am starting to see the finish line on this one.
 I finally gave up on the dragon on the roof of the conservatory.  Every time I would lift the lid, something would break off of him and I would have to repair. 

So yesterday morning I took him off and re-did the ends of the roof. Now all I have to do is paint those and put a door on the interior side of the right wall and it will be pretty much finished. 

Granted, it still needs some paint and I have to clean up the windows, but I can see the finish coming.
I stopped into Mesquite Valley Growers here in town and picked up a several plants. 

I think that the pups off of this one are going in tiny pots and will be the first real plants for the conservatory.

I am going to put it out on the porch and see if I can get anything small to grow in there.

There are several small plants growing around the base of this one too, so I will have some starter plants. 

I would like to see if I can grow a lot of small plants in the Edwardian Case.

When Joan gave this thing to me, she started trouble.  I am determined to fill it with mini plants.

We shall see what happens.

Back to the rug.

See you tomorrow.

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