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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Making Progress...

Joan and I stopped at one of the bead stores here in town, yesterday. There was a sale going on.  I found a bag full of these gold spacers for five dollars.  The label on the outside of the bag stated that there was $100.00 dollars worth of merchandise inside... I noticed that the little bags of spacer beads inside started at 5.00 each.  Then they were marked down to 2.00.  The final price for each bag was 50 cents.  Evidently nobody wanted any of them.  I got enough bags of the things that all nine witches got the assortment that you see in the bag at the rear... Plus I got a couple of very nice gold spacer bars. All for $5.00.
On to today.  I put in the trim around the floor just a little while ago... My usual trick for not having them warp.  If you put just dots of glue about an inch apart, they stay in place without tape.

After I got them in place, I saw Tessie and Zar playing "One potato, Two potato".  Still trying to settle whom will get the Shed... Unfortunately that method doesn't work to well when there are only two people doing it.

I put the front on the shed and left.   Until I heard shouting.
I went back in, only to see this... They are now going head to head and with clenched fists...

I quietly backed out and quietly shut the door.  I want no part of this.  I am not going to play referee to those two. 

I am going to go back to rug making. 

Fisticuffs never settled anything.

Yes. Rug making.  That's the ticket.

See you tomorrow.           


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Will those 2 never learn. You should turn the shop into a cleaning supply store...that seems to be one thing they shy away from ;)
Big hug

Mary said...

Those gold beads make great little pots. Super deal.