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Monday, July 24, 2017

Look What We Found!

Walter gifted Tessie with these this morning.  I am not sure what kind of cacti they are. They all look like the same family.  Just don't know what family yet.

Tessie is thrilled.  Something to put in the conservatory... If they don't grow too fast.

Walter found the largest one in the back yard and the three others in the front.

I found these growing all over the back yard. They are Mesquite trees.  There are several spots that they decided to grow.

It's too bad that they won't stay small... I wonder if anybody has tried to train one of them into a bonsai?

I may have to put a couple in pots and see what happens...
Meanwhile, I am down to the last fifteen rows of the rug.  It is definitely Zar's kind of colors... But Tessie is trying her best to talk him out of it... I told him not to budge!

She gets the next one.

I am going into the workroom and get at least a couple more shelves done. 

The string around my ankle will be tied to the doorknob.  If I don't reappear in a couple of hours, somebody grab it and drag me out.

Back to the workroom. 

See you tomorrow.

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