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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Not a Lot Straighter...

I am NOT going to go through everything in these two houses.  They are staying right where they are for the time being.  I know what is in them.
It took most of the morning to get the wood in order. I found some pieces that I didn't know I had and probably would have replaced them if not for the sorting.

It may not look neat, but I did get rid of some stuff and got each kind of wood together. 

Ask me where something is and I can find it now, if I have it...
This bookcase is as straight as it is going to get.

I did go through things, but there wasn't much out of place or to get rid of.  No extra space gained here.
Meanwhile. Zar wants a writer's study now.  Saying that he is going to put a day bed on the right side of the room... Guess who is the day bed maker?
Tessie, on the other hand, is pushing for using stuff from her old house... I am thinking that maybe that is a good idea.

If I don't do that, she is going to start hassling me about a new home. 

Anyway, I am working away on the rya rug and keeping my fingers crossed that the two of them settle things soon.  I want to get this finished and get on to something else.

Wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.

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