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Friday, July 7, 2017

Let Her Eat Cake....

Well. Tessie left the floor half finished and very poorly finished at that... As she left the She Shed she said(say that three times fast). She said, I don't like it.  You finish it and tell them that you did it...

That was last night.  This morning I went over to Witch Joan's house and worked on a rug and thought about the floor.  I was NOT happy with it.  And if I'm not happy, neither is Tessie. 

There was no way that I could get the tile up that she  put in yesterday. So I had to think of another way to fix it.

I started messing with the leftover cardboard that she was making tile from. 

Basically, I filled in the blanks... I raised the rest of the inside with the cardboard so that it was all even.

Joan was using some of the wallpaper that I gave everyone a while ago and that gave me an idea.  I covered the inside floor with that paper.  I hope that Joan won't mind that I used the same tile.  I don't think that she will. 

I still have most of a roll of this paper and I am going to have to use it sooner or later...

Anyway, I put more out front and I will finish it with stone edges.  That was the only way I could think of to re-do Tessie's hysterical try at tiling.

No sooner was I done with it and she plopped a rug down on the floor and put her one woman chair in place...

I hired Zar to deliver the never ending Chocolate cake to her.  I know that, if she has that, I have nothing to worry about.  For the rest of the evening, she will happily perch on her chair, watch TV and stuff herself with cake. 

I don't have to worry... Until tomorrow. I am thinking curtains in place of doors on this one.  She is only going to be watching TV and eating cake here. No privacy needed. 

Until Tomorrow.

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