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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Experimental Minis

I was going to add one of the three little prickly pear cacti in this pot to George's garden... 

However, for some reason, Kota is fascinated by this.  I don't think that it would be a good idea to add this plant that he seems to want to take a bite out of... prickly cat?
I sat the pot in the bowl to see how one of them would look.  I like it... I just don't think that it would be smart with Kota stalking it... 

Maybe I will put it in the conservatory.  Yes... I know.  I still have to finish that one...
I turned Tessie loose with some egg cartons and the glue syringe. She has five rows done already.... Not particularly straight rows. 

I asked her to go back and straighten them... She said... "I wouldn't want to ruin the primitive look of them.  I want this one to LOOK like I built it.". It does!

Then a pause and she continued with... "And besides, you ARE going to stitch me a rug to cover most of it anyway... remember?  Something to wiggle my toes in?"
It is going to have to be a BIG lumpy rug.  The tile are a bit uneven.  As I said, she is experimenting to see if terracotta tile can be made from the other side of the theater trays. 

I guess I had better start a rya rug to cover most of it.  Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

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