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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Rya Fun

I got the harebrained idea to teach myself to do Rya rugs in Miniature in the middle of the night, last night...

It is working!!!

For my first one, I am just using over dyed thread to make the pattern. A real one takes three threads of heavy wool on the needle.  I am going with three threads of over dyed floss.
 That way, I won't have to mess with changing threads in the middle of the row.

Basically, it is just tying larks head knots over two threads all the way across.

Here you see the first step. You go from the center out on the left hand side of the two threads.
By the way, I am doing this on waste needlepoint canvas. It is about the finest two thread canvas that you can find.

Here is the second step. You go from the left to the middle under the second thread of the two and make sure to stay under the thread loop that you just made around the rod.

After each row you cut and trim the loops.

It took me a couple of hours to do the four rows that you see... I am sure that it will get a lot faster once I get more rows under my belt.

I am sure that someone somewhere is already doing this, but it is my first try.

Tessie is to blame.  She wanted something comfy to wiggle her toes in... This should do it. Back to the needle and canvas.

See you tomorrow. 

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