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Monday, July 3, 2017

Doors and Planting...

This was it for minis today.  I cut the doors for this She Shed from illustration board.  That is much thinner than the foam core board and will be a base for wooden doors. Not a lot of mini-ing.

When I finished that we were planning to go to see "Baby Driver".  We both liked it. 

Anyway, before we left, I did a lot on the back porch.

A few days ago, a dust devil hit the back porch and most of the plants that you see in this photo were blown over and quite a few pots were broken.  I had to repot a lot and clean a very messy patio.  I got it done and then decided to plant a few plants in the ground, while I was at it.

I spent most of the morning in the back yard.

I had several plants that I wanted to put in the ground, but was hesitating.  Our ground is like a layer of almost rock hard dirt and very difficult to dig holes in...

I was about to start digging and I decided to take the hose and soften up the dirt.  I put the hose on "jet" and started. 

I found that the hose was doing most of the work that I usually struggle with.  With the nozzle on "Jet", it not only softened the dirt but a lot of it was moved right out of the hole with very little effort... I had these Mexican Heather plants in  the ground in a matter of minutes.  Why didn't someone tell me that I could do this before?

That was so easy that I went ahead and planted two of these succulents...

Again it was a matter of minutes getting them in the ground.

So... I went ahead and did a couple more that are in the same family, but a different color. White edges on the leaves.

After finding out an easy way to dig holes in the dirt that I usually have to fight with, I will probably be replacing some other plants that have bit the dust.

We have been in this house about 20 years and some of the older plants are just at the end of their lives. I have high hopes of some new garden plants.

Somebody stop me!  My green thumb is getting itchy!

See you tomorrow.

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