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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

One Of Those Days...

Did I or did I not say that I was going to get the workroom straightened up?

I think that was two days ago...

I had a lot of it cleaned. Then I started messing with She Sheds again... Now look at it.

On second thought... Don't!

Granted, the rug is still clean. I don't want to talk about the piles on the table, chair, stool and the messy shelves.

Speaking of those. The beadwork boxes are a bigger mess than ever and we won't even discuss the part that you can't see... The closet is a mess and I can't see the top of the desk once again.

Two days was all it took!!!
One thing about it though.  Tessie is standing guard at the door and insists that I may not be excused to go elsewhere, until the rest of the room is completely clean... Those were her words.  Not MINE!

I am not sure which of us is going to crack first.  I'm betting it will be her.  She is perched on the door handle and kind of wobbling back and forth.  I have my feet on the ground!

Please excuse me whilst I go aggravate a witch for a little while more. If I do it long enough, she will let me out.  She made me promise that I would come back after I finished this... Hey!  She's still on the doorknob.  All I have to do is pull the door all the way shut and lock it. 

Yup.  That's a good plan.  Then I can go watch TV and eat cookies.

Now where did I put the cookies?

See you tomorrow.

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Marisa said...

it takes me more than a few days to get back into shape cause I let it go for two years, I finally cleaned it up a bit and put the dolls away using the 10 min rule..10 min of cleaning 30 min of fun so now the sewing is in its own box the dolls are in their own boxes and the castles Im working on are out and getting worked on but I have to make dinner for rich now that I work days again