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Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Project is growing...

And so are the number of trees....

I had four of these shaped yesterday.  Today there are six and thanks to Tessie, they are painted...

They will need a couple more coats, but they don't look too bad so far.

I let Tessie loose in the workroom this morning. She found all of the Heavenly Bamboo that I have been saving for years... More trees or a whole forest.

I should have known.  Tessie's plans are growing by the minute.  She is making all kinds of lists and finding all kinds of supplies for the potting shed project.
There were other interesting plants in with the bamboo and rocks and weeds.  The box she is sitting in is all of my small garden supplies.

At the rate she is going, I am going to have to replenish all of the garden boxes and make room for a huge garden project!

The straw that broke the camel's back was this box.

It is filled with all sorts of items for a Chinese garden... And she wants to use them all.

I have the feeling that this could take up the whole back yard, if she has anything to say about it.

It all started with a potting shed that I found in kit form... Half built.  It is growing by leaps and bounds.

I think that I made a big mistake when I purchased that potting shed! I wonder if Goodwill gives refunds?

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
You have to admire Tessie's imagination. I know you will be able to guide her towards a reasonable size tree shop. Hang in there!
Big hug

Marisa said...

I can tell you that the Goodwill will not accept returns without a fight, usually they make you wait forever while they call the manager. (and I went to see the mummy and alien..they are both terrible movies no wonder the drive in made it a double feature) good thing we dont live far from the drive in cause that was the best nights sleep I've had in a long time cant wait to see the trees finished..or should I say Tessies Trees :)


Caseymini said...

Marisa, I was not serious. No way am I letting go of that potting shed.