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Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Frog Prince...

I cleaned the bathroom today... I even washed a frog!

This was one of the most fun rooms to do in the castle.

I got to do my  first Victorian Boxed Bathtub.  I have done several since then, but this was the first.  I used scrapbooking ornamentation on the tub and the valance.  At the time I was doing this, there was a wealth of fancy gold designs for scrapbooking... Come to think of it, I still have a lot left. Not complaining.  It is just that you don't see as much of the fancy gold stuff around these days.
The mirror frame and support for the sink was all Super Sculpy, painted gold. At that time, I had not even heard of Fimo or the other fancy colored clays.  I am not even sure if they were around in the US.  I think that they started in Europe. 

The mirror was an oval crafting mirror and I simply added leaves to it to match the ones that held up the sea shell sink. I am debating on whether to repaint the gold or leave it looking antique...  I think that the antique is winning.
The bench was one of my own designs and a very early example of my woodcarving.

The dressing gown and slippers were actually made to fit the princess and then draped over the bench and sprayed with hairspray to hold it in place.

 The curtains were also some of my earliest.  I took a class from Judee Williamson on how to do beds and it included some lessons on making curtains on a pinboard.  I still use the same method to do all of my curtains and draperies.

Anyway, I now have a clean bathroom and a clean frog.  Back to work.

See you tomorrow.


martha hansen said...

I am very drawn to the bench; Could you (pretty) please show more of it? I really enjoy your carving, and I am trying to get some kind of skill with knives that don't involve food (I was a chef in a previous lifestyle). Anyway the Castle is coming along beautifully, have a wonderful day, and be safe. -Molly

Caseymini said...

Martha, unfortunately the dressing gown is glued to the bench,so it can't be moved. I do have information on my carving here and there on the blog. You might put carving or woodcarving on the search.i know that there is some furniture as well as doors and fireplace surrounds that I have carved on the blog in different places. You might also try the words Exacto knife. That might bring the entries up. Good luck!

mcddiss said...

un baño muy bonito , yo tambien creo que el oro viejo queda muy bien en ese espejo , me gusta mucho el detalle de la rana en la bañera



Steinworks said...

I've used your tutorial for my curtains when I made my caravan and again when I made my beachhouse from scratch, that was the one thing that bugged me when I started dollhouses how the curtains always flew up in the air, youd have a nice doll house and the curtains always looked like it was in a hurricane. course I changed your method a bit and used watered down school glue and a hair drying because I was pressed for time but I have to give you the credit for great looking curtains. :)


Caseymini said...

LOL. Marisa, it sounds like my curtains look like they were in a hurricane. I am assuming that you meant yours. Thank Judee Williamson for the directions. I learned from her!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
This bathroom is magnificent. I just love it and would have it in real life.
The mirror is terrific. You are so incredibly talented!
Big hug