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Monday, June 5, 2017

Kota Rules...

I was going to draw some new ideas for carved furniture this morning. 

Kota forbid it.  He plopped himself down on the book that I wanted to look at and growled at me when I reached for it.  Then he went to sleep on it.

I outfoxed him in one way. He didn't know that I had more than one new notebook of graph paper.
I got a drawing of a headboard done before he could stop me... He should have stopped me.

I didn't like it at all after I finished it.

I went and got the very large notebook filled with old drawings and started looking at those. 
Kota is always right.  I found a lot of drawings of things that I have made and things that I want to make.

I would like to make this day bed again.  I did it very early on and foolishly sold it at the Anaheim NAME show in the early eighties.

I was always sorry that I sold it.  It was one of my all time favorites.  I may just have to find some walnut and do it again.

It was fun, looking at some of the old things that I made.

The original drawing for a carved and painted folding screen... I am now wondering where I put that.  I know I kept it.

The one on the far right is the original drawing for the console table that is behind Cinderella in the castle.

See? I do know where some of them went. I keep looking at that daybed.  I want it back.  I may just have to start carving...

See you tomorrow.

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meemaw said...

Casey, thank you for these drawings! I am trying to learn how to handle my Exacto knife; I want to make a hope chest with a simple five-petaled rose motif. Big dreams for a small girl, heh heh. This is all so much fun to learn about! And your cat is gorgeous! Thanks again, be safe.