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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Oh! The Excitement!

Everything is working out fantastic!

Tessie got Sir Reggie to agree to take over the burglar's living room.  All she had to do was tell him that she will keep him in reading material and TV.

That was easy.
She then helped Melvin carry all of his ill gotten gains to the Forest Fantasy Cottage and got him settled in...

I have yet to make the fluffy towels. That shouldn't take long.
Tessie is happy because there are lots of cookies in the cottage.  Melvin will be happy as soon as he can get Tessie out of his hair.  He wants a shower in the worst way!  He's been sitting in that living room for a number of years just thinking about it.

Until she leaves he is sitting there counting all of his money and goods... I do hope that the cops don't find the cottage, or he could be in trouble!

Walter is playing golf as a guest at Tucson Country Club today... After he left, I went over to Walmart.  I don't usually go in the middle of the day.  I don't really like the crowds. I was bored.

This time I am glad that I went.  They have started putting out school supplies. It seems like it's a little early...

I am not complaining! I think that I am the only grown up that gets excited about school supplies.

I found Quad Rule notebooks 100 sheets for $1.97.  And the usual 24 pack of mechanical pencils... I see a lot of furniture designing this year. 

For the past few years the quad rule paper has been scarce.  Walmart went to 5 to the inch.  That was not good for anybody that wants to design 1/12 scale furniture.  At last it's back and I'm a happy camper! 

I have to go now.  I want to try out the new pencils and paper!

See you tomorrow.


Marisa said...

I gotta go get some :) thanks for the tip, I have a small pad that Ive been using because I couldnt find any at all just this tiny pad from the dollar store.


Mary said...

When I can't find the right graph paper I print my own using this free site - - I've found it very useful.