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Friday, June 2, 2017

Lost and Found... Melvin...

I got up this morning with the intention of doing a few things to the castle.

I wanted to extend the branches of the tree, growing up the side of the castle.  The third floor on the right side looked bare.

I went out and took some bare branches from the rosemary bushes.  I may still do a bit more. 

I glued them to the wall, as an extension of the tree that was already there.

We did take a break to go see the new "Pirates" movie.

That wall always bothered me.  Too plain. I may go up a bit more with the tree, but I have a good start and may stop and think about it for a while.

I found out about Melvin... All I had to do was put a bug in Tessie's ear and then follow where she led me...

I don't think that I ever knew his name, but now some things make sense.

I never knew the night thief's name.  He was always just the burglar.

I told Tessie that I was wondering who Melvin was.  She did the shrug the shoulders and leave thing again... So... I followed her.  On tiptoes. 

I found her in the living room that the burglar lives in... I over heard her say..."OK Melvin. You are going to have to be a bit more careful.  Casey is on to you using other people's bathrooms and kitchens.   I realize that you don't have a kitchen or bath, but you are going to have to be more careful about leaving personal belongings behind.  I can't have her finding your dirty clothes in my bathroom after you use it. And no more dirty dishes in MY sink!  Maybe we could talk her into building you a hideout.  A room of your own, with bathroom and kitchen...Or... Maybe we could talk Sir Reggie into moving in here and you could take the forest fantasy cottage.  That would be a perfect hideout for you. It's nearly invisible.  I will talk to her about it.  Sir Reggie just sits and reads all the time... He doesn't even really need a bathroom. He hardly moves at all.  That's what you need.  A base of operations."

About that time I opened the front of Melvin's box and confronted them both.  That was a big mistake.  Now they have their heads together, planning what I will have to do to make the cottage livable for him. #1. Lots of fluffy bath towels. #2. Lots of snack food. #3. Move it next door to Tessie's Townhouse... On and on...

Tessie was not to crazy about having him for a neighbor. She pulled me aside and whispered... "I don't trust him! Not at all!". Oh the trials and tribulations of the little people around here. Then she hissed, "You do know that he's a burglar! Right?"

I have to go talk to Sir Reggie now.  I will try to talk him into moving yet again. Wish me luck!

See you tomorrow.

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