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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Gardening and Refurbishing

Before we get to anything else, I have one confused lizard in the back yard.  I am sorry that the photo is so bad, but I had to take it through the screen. This Ring Necked Lizard thinks he is a squirrel... He has a large piece of apple in his mouth.  I put them out for the squirrels and who shows up and snatches the apple?  Lizzy.  I have a lot of very confused animals running around here!
 This is what the plot next to the back porch looked like this morning... Two hours later...
It looked like this.  I started by cutting all of the weird plants off at ground level. That will probably not get rid of them, but it's a start.  After I did that I started putting potted plants in to cover the area until I can put some real plants there.

Hey! It's better than sticks and stones and weeds.

I am having trouble getting rid of the plants that were there.  As I remember, they were something from Australia... Wherever there is a root, they keep coming back.  Most irritating.

One of the plants that I want to plant in the area is still in a pot for now.  I found it at Walmart. 

It is a Rock Purslane. It is some kind of succulent and the blossoms shoot out on long stems.  They seem to come out one or two flowers each day. 

I have heard the name before, but never seen one.  I am liking it so far.

OK.  I didn't get any mini-ing done this morning. Tessie claims that she did... I think that she simply moved the furniture around to see if it would fit.  It does, so she and Zar quit working and started a LONG break.  It started when I went outside and it is still going on now...
I peeked into the bathroom arrangement and yes it fits, but a bit tighter than I would like.

I got to looking through the stuff that she collected yesterday and found the cup that is sitting on the toilet... It is hard to read, but it says Melvin... I swear that I never bought a cup for a Melvin.  There is no Melvin living here, as far as I know.

I questioned Tessie and she denied ever knowing anybody by that name.

There is something strange going on here.

Who is Melvin?  Not my cup.  Not my problem. 

I am going back to work.

See you tomorrow. Melvin or no Melvin.

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Steinworks said...

If I were you I would fire them for shoddy work and if they tried to sue you can take it to Judge Judy, they ate the steak but didn't do the work *that's what she'd say* you'd only get a couple of hundred from them though so it might not be worth it. that Melvin guy is smart to hide but Judy would issue a bench warrant for him.