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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Comparison Working...

It is going to take a few more days to finish trimming the rosemary bushes.... Maybe I should call them trees.  They are getting about as tall as I am... OK.  So I'm short.  They are still getting tall.  They have been in the yard almost as long as we have lived here.

I am getting there, but not quite done yet.
When I came back in the house, I decided to get a little more done on the workroom too.

It isn't looking all that bad.  Just needs some more tidying here and there.
Of course Tessie and Zar would tell you that it is a mess and I should be locked in until it is clean as a whistle... How clean are whistles anyway?  And who is the one that judges when the whistle is clean?

They seem to think that they are in charge of judging when the whistle is clean... I don't think so!
 I knocked them off of the door handle and grabbed the camera in one hand and Tessie in the other...

I sat her down in her favorite chair and snapped a photo before she could get out of frame.

Now I ask you... Which room is worse... If there is a worse one. I can at least walk around in the workroom... Do you honestly think that Tessie can navigate from the chair to the door at the other end of the wall in this room?

I think I win this round.  Back to work.

See you tomorrow, with a cleaner room than Tessie's!!!

1 comment:

meemaw said...

I don't know, but it sure looks like you caught her just as she was about to zap herself out of there. There is an odd halo around her... Good luck!