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Friday, June 9, 2017

Ambition Is Not a Good Thing!

This morning, I woke up with lots of energy and ambition.  I shouldn't have.

First I got the new Bonsai situated in it's pot.  Now I have to trim and wire the branches...Wish me luck!

I came back in the house and decided to look for whatever foam core and illustration board I have left.  I need it to build the prototype for the She Shed.

I did find plenty of both.  I keep it behind the bookcase where the castle used to live.

This doesn't look like a lot, but that pile is about six feet long. 

I had to move a lot of stuff to do the fishing for the pieces.  as a last resort I had to move Eskiaga's Spanish room box. 

When I cleaned off the top and the sides, so that it was moveable, I found all sorts of goodies that I hadn't seen for a while...

As soon as I dragged this one out and put it on the table, Tessie pounced on it.

The first time we went to London on vacation I bought this at the Saturday Portobello Road Market. That was before Tessie lived here.

I am not sure where the seller got these from, but it is a deed for a piece of property in the City of London. It is real and signed in several places by city officials.  the parchment is sheepskin and in great shape for something that was originally written in 1736! He  had a LOT of them.  Evidently they clean out the city records and he has a way of buying them.

It has several wax seals at the bottom of the pages.

I tried "translating" it while we were still in London.  As I said before it is an original deed for a piece of property in London.  Downtown London.  The heart of London. We found approximately where it was... If we owned it, we would be very rich now...

As soon as Tessie grabbed it, I knew I was in trouble... She claims to be old enough to know London from "a long time ago"... The first thing she said was, "We have the deed! Therefore we own the property.".  Then the next words out of her mouth were.... "When do we leave? I want to go home!"

I  am not exactly sure how I am going to get out of this one... Do you think that she will settle for a "She Shed" if I give her a deed for it? I know.  Dream on...

I have to go now and hide the deed and find the mesmerizer to erase her memory of the last hour.

Back to work.  See you tomorrow.

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Giac said...

Hello Casey,
I hope the bonsai trimming went well. I would work on the She Shed as fast as possible, hoping it will get Tessie's mind of London. Good luck with that one.
Big hug