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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Great Time Was Had By All!

Several people didn't show up today... I have three kits that I will have to think of more She Sheds for. 

If I keep it up, I will have one for every day of the week...

Maybe that's not a good idea.  I think that one is enough.  I may make more later on. We shall see...
Tessie is really good at playing dumb... That is, she didn't say a word whilst the Witches were here.  They still think that she is just a mini person that doesn't really do anything... Little do they know. 

As soon as they left she started in.  "Hey! Three kits left? Go get more foam core board. I want one for the Bonsai trees and one for an outdoor closet for my aprons and one just to hang out in...You know.  The one with the One Woman Chair."

Those kits may just have to disappear down a rabbit hole when she isn't looking.
After everyone left, I got curious about other foam core boxes that I have made over the years.

I found one that has a glass picture frame for a front, that is a lamp for real life.

Then I found this one in the top of April's old closet... I made this one when she was a teenager and it had Jim Morrison, of The Doors,  sitting in it for a long time.

I am not sure what happened to him.  I sculpted him from Super Sculpey. I imagine that I just got tired of him and tossed him sometime after she left home.  Anyway, when I found it, Action Figures of Starsky and Hutch were rattling around inside. Those were hers too... No... Not mine!

There is a point to this.  The bent Plexiglas is still in really good shape... I am thinking that it warrants building a new box for it. Yup, more foam core is in order... I have two pieces left of what I bought.  I would leave it as is, but Jim Morrison no longer lives there and I really don't like purple crushed velvet. 

Now all I have to do is think of  something to put in it and find some different paper or fabric to do it.

I will have to think on this for a while.  Some of the witches are coming back Friday to do some more on their She Sheds.  Maybe they will have some suggestions.

See you tomorrow.

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