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Sunday, May 21, 2017


That stands for Very Special Person... Kota said so!

As long as we have had him, he always runs in the closet when someone besides us comes in the house.

He has a new friend.  Gayle walked up to him and started petting him and he didn't even object. He's a good judge of character.

So... I let him model the beautiful necklace that Gayle mad for me. I don't think that he was as crazy about that as the petting part.  He liked that part. He approved of Gayle.
 This is the "Ice Dyed" fabric that she brought me. I am going to have to think of something special to make from it... Tessie has been eyeing it and hinting that she would love something made from it... I don't think so.  This is Mine! All mine. And so is the necklace.  I have a shirt that is almost the same color.

Thank you so much Gayle!  I love them all.  And Kota and Tessie are not going to get any of it!
I found three partial bags of  lichen. Two dark and one medium green.  I am well on my way to replacing the foliage on the outer walls.

It doesn't help that Tessie is trying to supervise where I put it.  I get it glued to the wall and she pops up and yells, "A little more to the left.". It's not helping.
At least she made friends with the momma dragon.  I am not sure how long that is going to last.  She is also crunchy and good with catsup.

Anyway, I am going back now and fill in a few bare spots that I see in the photos with more green stuff.

See you tomorrow.


Gayle Wigley said...


Steinworks said...

tell tessie to watch out for that dragon they can be a bit touchy :)

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
That is a lovely necklace... it looks pretty good on Kota! I do hope Tessie doesn't get dragon burn!
Big hug