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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Great Minds Think Alike...

We had company today. My friend Gayle and her husband Mark met us at our favorite Mexican food place for lunch.  I had not seen Gayle for about two years. 

Gayle and I lived on the same street back in the 70s and early 80s.  We were pretty much best friends when our kids were little.

Then when Mark got out of the Air Force, they moved back to Maine. 

She is the one that got the sewing room that I showed on here a few months ago. One of my very first mini rooms.

I have decided to give Tessie a middle name.  She and Gayle think alike. Gayle reads the blog and encourages Tessie's bad side.  I am not going to call her that, but she is now Tessie Gayle... I may have to call her that when she does something really bad.

Now about the minis... That blob of green that The momma dragon is holding is all of the greenery from the trees around the castle.  She seems to think that it would make a great dragon bed. 

I am not going to argue with a fire breathing dragon... To put it in her words, "You are crunchy and would taste good with catsup..." Nope.  No arguments here. The green stuff will just miraculously disappear overnight.

The cave next door holds Little Red Riding Hood.

Tessie stepped in this afternoon and warned Red that there were wolves in the neighborhood.

I don't think that Red is worried.  She carries a big hatchet under her cape in case of emergencies.

I am going to have to rewire this part. It was on a battery pack and there are glowing eyes around her in the forest.  So far they aren't working.  We will just have to do some trial and error fixing. 

I am going back to work with some greenery that I found in my stash now...

Tomorrow, I will show you what Gayle brought me. She made me a beautiful necklace and ice dyed me some fabric.  Love both.  See you tomorrow  with those in hand. Thank you Gayle. I love all of the goodies!!!

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