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Monday, May 22, 2017

Back to Her Old Self...

Tessie has been hassling me for a couple of weeks now to put her back in a white dress.  She dislikes black.  Would you believe that she says that it makes her look too skinny? And besides, black clothes scare her.

Anyway, I put her back in white today... She looks like her old pudgy self again... And she is happy about it?

Oh well. To each his(or her) own.
She tried on every apron that she owns. It was a regular runway show for a couple of hours. 

I knew what was coming... She was not going to be pleased with any of the many aprons she owns...

I asked her what she wanted in the way of new aprons.  Knowing full well what the answer would be, before I heard it.......
She flounced into the bedroom... Nobody can flounce like Tessie when she puts her mind to it.

She plopped down on the six fabrics that Gayle brought me and said.... "Hmmmm.....  Let's see... I will have one of each of these.  The blue one first.  It will go with my eyes. 

I am not sure what mirror she was using at the time, but her eyes are brown... Almost black.  They were never blue.

 I sighed and answered her with the usual phrase... "Don't hold your breath, Tessie."

Back to work on the castle.

See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
She does push your patience...but I must admit they are gorgeous fabrics and even I would want an apron in the blue.
Big hug