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Monday, May 1, 2017

The Circle....

We went to see "The Circle" this morning... I can't say that it was one of the best movies that I have seen... Maybe not the worst.  It just wasn't my kind of movie.

It's a good thing that we went to the theater that has the recliner seats.  I was having a hard time watching and would have taken a nap, if it had not been for the popcorn.

Before we left this morning, I did some cleaning and rearranging of minis.

The witches are coming here Wednesday and I have to get to work.  The minis are in need of cleaning...

As soon as I moved the little corner into the bedroom, Tessie moved in to watch TV.  It's a good spot.  Not six feet from the big screen.

Besides, Zar is still hanging on to the settee and guarding it with his life. And his Steampunk rifle.

I highly doubt that Tessie is going to get her throne back for a while...

She found her crown and is really sorry that she let Zar have the One Woman Chair.  That's what she is calling it now.

I wish her luck, getting it back. 
Spike on the other hand, found the cookies and kind, gentle dog that he is, he is sharing with the rest of the crowd. One animal at a time... Each one gets a turn taking a cookie and Spike gets a cookie for each one that he gives to a friend. 

So far, he has had a dozen or so.  There are a lot of mini-animals around here.

I have had to refill the plate three times since we got home... I am running out of cookies.

Back to the cupboards to search for more.

See you tomorrow.

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Molly said...

My mother is also surfing through your blog. After I told her about it, she looked: instantly hooked! I am still reading through, up to Oct. 2012 now, lol I have a long way to go, much to learn from you! Rock on, Woman! We love to read about your adventures with minis and crafting!