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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Me And Tessie Cleaning... Apart!

I worked on Sleeping Beauty's room this afternoon...

I am going to focus on one piece for this entry.

The table that sits at the end of the bed...

If you don't know how to do marbling, here's a shortcut. 

After all those years up on top of the bookcase, this didn't look too good.
However, it was a piece that could stand a good scrubbing.  It is a Formica sample from one of the lumber stores.  They can be cut with a scroll saw.

Yup. Many years and still scrub able. I just took a toothbrush and some Colgate Toothpaste to it and it is like new.

The little pot in the center refused to move, so I scrubbed that too.
I put the table back where it belonged and it looked almost like new.  The other pieces on the table got the toothbrush/toothpaste treatment as well and they all came through it just fine. Even the tiny shells in the semi-tiny shell made it through without a scratch.

I did cheat a little and put a coat of lemon oil on the covered dish, to shine the plastic up a bit.
Every once in a while I peeked in to see how Tessie was coming with her renovations...

I should have stayed in the bedroom with the castle. 

I ran and got the camera to make a record of the fact that Tessie can move walls all by herself.  I am not needed! Yay!!!
The only problem that I can see is that she moved everything from the bottom floor to the middle and top floors...

I guess she figures it's one floor at a time.

Just a couple of seconds after I took the last photo, she gave a mighty "Heave Ho!" and the wall that she removed went bouncing to the floor and across the room.

As I said.  I think that, as long as she is working on the townhouse, I am going to stay out of the way. 

I may get some yellow plastic tape and have it printed with "Keep OUT!  Tessie at WORK!".

Then I am going to stay as far away from her worksite as possible!

See you tomorrow.

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elizabeth s said...

WOW, what a little dynamo Tessi is! Now that she has moved the wall in the townhouse, I wonder what's next?