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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Help! Tessie and Kota Are Helping Again!

 I found an Easter Basket in my stash of Russian Baskets that I have made.  None of those old store bought baskets for Amare!  He gets a handmade one.  It has a metal frame, so it will stand up to a five year old any day!
Meanwhile, I am still plugging along on the wicker. 

Tessie is "helping" by lining up the chairs in the order that she wants them finished.

The only problem is, she keeps changing her mind and grabbing the one that I am working on and putting another in it's place.
 I have had three different chairs in my hands in the last hour. 

As Tessie would put it... "It's hard to decide which one I want first."

Therefore I keep working on what ever chair is  zapped into my hands at any given time.
At least Kota is not bugging me for something new.

He just keeps sleeping and bathing... Sleeping and bathing.  He pretty much ignores me.  Once in a while I reach over and pet him.  That's my 20 second break before Tessie yells at me to get back to work.

Speaking of that... She is down on the floor poking at my ankle with one of the chair wires.  Ouch! Tessie! Stop that right now!

I guess I should go back and weave some more wicker.

See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Elizabeth S said...

Although Tessie might be a bit of a task master, she is still a cute one!
Happy Easter to Amare!